FERRARI SRL was born in the middle of the Fifties.

Born by the hand of Ferrar Daniele, in a small artisanal laboratory, dedicated to artistic wood marquetry.

With the years go by, the company growed up in size and numbers of employees, then in 1983 Daniele Ferrari was honoured from the Italian Republic as a Knight of Labor.

In these years FERRARI SRL jumped forward, with the power of Daniele’s son and daughter, Mauro and Lina, that pushed the company in a new decade with organization, technologies, success and fame in the world of the highend artistic wood marquetry.

In 2010 the family company tradition took new life with the enter of Alessio, Mauro’s son.

In this period, the company started to produce not only semifinished products for the furniture company, but also a complete range of furnitures and accesories for fireplaces,making born the brand OPUS FOCUS.

Then, having partnerships with designers and architects, the production boosted up another time, with new patented products as complex and exclusive funitures pieces, always with the focus on quality, innovation, handcrafted pieces with the latest technologies.

This new course of the company brought FERRARI to be present and sell items all around the world, with selected partnerships.

All theese aspects gave birth to ATELIER UTOPIE, a brand expression of the MADE IN ITALY.

Like a connection between handcraft and technology, between past and present, we can realize what is only for the moment an utopia.

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